Fresh Fruits Trigger Allergies

Fresh fruits are highly recommended as a source of vitamins and minerals. Not everyone likes fresh fruit. Apparently there are also people who are allergic to the source of this natural antioxidant. How can a natural nutrient source triggers allergies?

The world’s nutritionists always recommend to eat fresh fruits as a source of natural nutrients that are very good for the body. The problem is, not everyone is fond of fresh fruit.

Apparently the body can develop intolerance to fruits. So that was expressed m Dr Sanjeev Khanna and Dr Sandeep Kadam as written in the Times of India.

The human body is known to have or may develop intolerance to several foods, including fruits. Fruit allergy had been reported, such as papaya, grapes, and apples. The reaction can be directly or not, depending on the intensity of intolerance. But, do not panic, fruit allergy is usually not too dangerous, “said Dr.. Khanna.

What triggers allergies this fruit? According to Drs. Kadam, the following points could be the cause:

Viral infection: Infection can cause the sugar content in fruit or fructose is not absorbed. As a result, the body suffers intolerance against this condition.

Changes in weather: Consumption of certain fruits combined with environmental changes can trigger adverse reactions. Therefore, doctors often advise patients to refrain from eating grapes or other fruits such as oranges during the rainy season. Poor weather makes the body vulnerable to infection, certain fruits can aggravate the condition.

Symptoms are caused when experiencing allergy fruit usually diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, swelling of the throat, lip swelling, itching, rash and skin redness. In extreme cases, can trigger asthma reactions, or even worse, even causing death.

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Fruit maturity is important to note. In many cases, the freshly picked fruit and eaten immediately have a milder effect on the body, compared to fruit that has been stored for a long time.

The best solution, keep on eating the fruit to meet nutritional needs. However, if there is allergy to certain fruits, find another fruit that has the same nutritional value for the intake of nutrients can still be fulfilled. Besides, we can also replace the fresh fruit with fresh vegetables.


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